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Telecoms Profitability IG

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Introduction to Mark Spracklen, Leader/facilitator of the Telecoms Profitability Interest Group.

I have been practising Telecoms Costing, Profitability and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for over 25 years. The last 8 years in an operator looking after Price approvals, as well as setting the Finance run Cost model requirements, and doing the internal audits.

After over 25 years of implementing Profitability, I am now focusing on training and developing better solutions and methods. Part of this is leading the IG, where I will try and facilitate communications between different Operators, so they can help each other find better solutions.

You can email me at

Raef Lawson

Can somebody gives me the exact calculations how we can convert Gb's ,Minutes, SMS into a single unit of conversation i.e Mbps. What is the basis of conversion?

October 21, 2023 · added a group cover image.

Welcome to our group Telecom Interest Group! A space for us to connect and share with each other. Start by posting your thoughts, sharing media, or creating a poll.

Raef Lawson


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