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Archived Webinars

Integrated Planning and Performance

20 April 2022

Improving profitability and complexity management are two highly interconnected challenges.  While activity-based costing has a role to play in addressing both, it must be embedded into broader efforts to improve how organizations plan, manage and govern their business.

Achieving such improvements requires a data-driven approach that enables organizations to fully integrate strategic, financial and operational planning and performance management processes.  However, integration efforts are not effectively addressing these challenges.  Especially in the manufacturing sector, where Integrated Business Planning, Integrated Financial Planning and Integrated Performance Management processes are falling short of expected value and benefits.

One problem is that there is no universal definition of what fully integrated processes entail.  As a result, critical capability gaps are falling between the cracks of strategic, financial and operational processes and software tools.  Strategically-focused finance executives need to understand these gaps and know how to fix them.  This webinar, presented by Dean Sorensen of IBP Collaborative, will equip you to do so.

To watch the webinar Click Here.

Better Revenue Management with AI-Enabled Analytics

March 11, 2022

In today’s uncertain business world, organizations that recognize the power of data analytics are already pulling ahead of rivals. An MIT study found that companies in the top third of their industry that use data-driven decision making (with predictive analytics, AI, ML, etc.) were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors. Consequently, more CEOs are focusing on how to develop revenue growth strategies with analytics serving as a force multiplier.

In this webinar analytics experts Robert J Zwerling and Lawrence S Maisel discuss how data analytics support revenue management practices. They present several use cases that highlight the application of AI-Enabled Analytics, offer practical insights; and most importantly, deliver significant ROIs realized by these companies.

To watch the webinar, click HERE.

Technology Business Management Perspectives

November 2, 2021

Todd Tucker, author of the book Technology Business Management, and Anton van der Merwe, Principal at Alta Via Consulting and expert in managerial costing and IT, discuss the Technology Business Management (TBM) approach to the TBM Council's effort (by leading Chief Information Officers) to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT spending and investments to their business partners and ensure IT is able to drive innovation for the organization.

Driving Strategic Management with
the Profitability Analytics Framework

March 29, 2021

This webinar describes PACE's Profitability Analytics model, a process designed to produce high-quality internal decision-support information that can use to support decision making throughout the organization – from the C-suite to the shop floor and direct customer contact points.

Measuring & Managing Customer Profitability

April 6, 2021

To remain competitive, companies must be able to determine which of their customers are most profitable.  This presentation discusses why “cost-to-serve” expenses are more important than product and service-line expenses, how to design and implement a customer profitability measurement system, and actions to take with the information to make customers more profitable.

To watch the webinar, click HERE. To obtain the webinar slides, click below.

Revenue Management Fundamentals

January 19, 2021

This webinar provides an essential foundation to understanding revenue management across many types of organizations and how management accountants can work effectively with their organization to design systems that capture and analyze specific types of revenue drivers in order to improve revenue management practices.

​To watch the webinar, click HERE. To obtain the webinar slides, click below.

What Does Causality Mean?

February 16, 2021

Information provided to decision makers is based on models that we use to guide our actions and our decisions.  The guiding principle for determining how the elements of a model related to one another is causality. This webinar covers what is meant by the causality principle, its application to operational and financial modeling, and examples of the application of the principle.

To watch the webinar, click HERE. To obtain the webinar slides, click below.

Building Internet Fiber Network Services and Capturing Investment Value

June 22, 2021

This case examines a familiar scenario: An innovative strategy to capture new markets is conceived and implemented, investments are made, and operation experience is gained. The PACE Profitability Analytics Model is used to holistically consider the impact of business decisions on an organization’s revenues, costs, and investments.

To watch the webinar click HERE.

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