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Explore this area of our website  to learn more about PACE.  Believe in what we do and want to be a part of it?  Then you're invited to become part of our community. We love meeting people who share the same interests and goals. Get in touch with a staff member and join us in making a long-lasting impact.

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PACE, a 501(c) entity, is an independent, non-profit, community of professionals dedicated to developing ways for companies to strategically manage and improve revenue, cost, and investments using causal analytic models to help make better, more informed decisions and drive greater value creation.

We center our work on a holistic framework that highlights the critical information finance must provide the organization to achieve its goals, the fundamental principles managers must employ to drive value, areas frequently overlooked or left unaddressed by traditional finance and accounting practices, and how revenue, cost, and investment processes should seamlessly integrate together to help organizations achieve their long-term, sustainable goals.

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Our Mission

PACE's mission is to facilitate organizational cultures where integrated economic models of an organization's revenues, costs, and investments, based on an operational understanding  and aligned with overall strategy, are developed and employed in order to enhance organizational decision making.

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Our Values

PACE’s core values are:

  • Highest Standard of Ethics and Integrity

  • Passion for Serving the Profession

  • Respect for the Individual and Diverse Views

  • Commitment to Elevating the Practice of Management

Team work
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"Alone we can do so little;
Together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

In keeping with PACE's mission to help organizations enhance their internal decision making processes, all of PACE's resources are available free to all users. By making a donation below you will help PACE reach more professionals and organizations, enabling us to carry out that mission. 

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