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About the Profitability Analytics Center of 

The Profitability Analytics Center of Excellence (PACE), is a nonprofit professional organization consisting of practitioners, academics, and consultants working together to help the business community recognize the need for improved information for internal decision support. To that end, we develop profitability analytics resources.

Profitability analytics employs causality to quantify and monetize a company’s market and operational strategies. It builds causal models of revenues and costs to provide the organization’s decision makers with the accurate and relevant information they need to make economically sound business decisions to increase long-term profitability.

The Profitability Analytics Center of Excellence offers several opportunities for those interested in this topic to become more engaged, including joining this site as a member and participating in the Forum, as well as joining a special interest group. Come join our efforts to develop and implement the PACE profitability analytics framework!


PACE Advisory Board

Profitability Analytics Center of Excellence is led by an Advisory Board that comprises leaders in the field from practice and academia.  Board members are committed to the development and propagation of improved costing information for use by internal decision makers (i.e., managerial costing) in organizations.

Gary Cokins.jpg

Gary Cokins

Principal, Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Doug Hicks.jpg

Doug Hicks

President, D.T. Hicks & Co.


Monte Swain

Deloitte Professor, Brigham Young University

Larry White.jpg

Larry White

Executive Director, Resource Consumption Accounting Institute