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One of the things which constantly fascinates me in so many different dimensions is the mindset with which people approach something. Probably grossly over-simplified, but when the mindset shifted from protecting their secrets and the mystery of their formulas, alchemists became chemists and the world was forever changed. Yet, too often, people approach opportunities of potential only with a mindset of how they can benefit, and not how they might contribute to realizing that potential. Perhaps worse, they are afraid of new opportunities because it might change or diminish an established position. How often do we see a firm lose out on great opportunity it is well positioned to maximize because it did not invest appropriately for fear of hurting its established cash cow?

Vladimir Goloviznin
Gary Cokins
Gary Cokins

JP ... Your comment is provocative and relevant. My initial reaction is it could be classified under the subject Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). If you or any others might be interested I have attached a pdf file of an article I authored published by the AICPA. Its title is "The Perils and Promises of Integrated Risk and Performance Management".

Cokins AICPA JOA Promise Perils of ERM
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