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The case study working group continues to move forward. The paper should be out under review in this summer, if not before.

The name Profitability Analytics prompted a thought today. The more I read about analytics, the more it seems there is a multitude of ideas about what analytics is. Certainly it is a big, hot topic at the moment. The AACSB has made it central to what they expect of Colleges of Business. There are innumerable consultants and conference presentations on analytics. Still, I have to ask the group, how would you define analytics? What is analytics in your mind?

Gary Cokins
Gary Cokins
Mar 24, 2023

JP ... That is a good question. My definition, probably more of a description, is this: "Analytics are primarily quantitative methods, including modeling, that provide insights to the behavior of something in order to understand it and in some cases to predict its future behavior."



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