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I plan to compete for a grant from the IBM Center for the Business of Government to write on what I call Value-Based Management. VBM, as I use the term, is a strategy-driven approach to the integration of the delivery of products and services (outputs or "performance") with resources available (costs) and risks accepted, This consideration of cost/performance/risk is balanced across the enterprise to maximize the delivery of stakeholder value and was the topic of the 2020 book "Value Based Management in Government" by myself and Gary Cokins.

For the purpose of the grant and resulting report, I seek to write a case study of a practical implementation of this cost/performance/risk integration. However, I am unaware of any federal agency who has adopted such a strategy-driven approach to maximize value delivered to stakeholders. As a result, I am seeking to interact with a private sector entity that already applies such concepts as a means of managing the organization. If anyone in this group is aware of an entity in the US that might be willing to discuss this, I would be very grateful for a point of contact. Thanks.


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