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I've been thinking a good bit this past week about evaluating performance. I was watching my son's baseball practice the other day and one of the boys who "looks" like a ball player was really struggling with relatively routine plays while another boy who didn't "look" as much like a ballplayer was making almost all the plays that came to him. How often do we focus on attributes which have tenuous connections to actual performance and miss opportunities or, even worse, mis-evaluate?

Part of the genius of the PA Framework is how its three dimensions tie back to the core components of the DuPont model (Revenue, Costs, and Investment). The structure helps focus plans and actions on those factors truly relevant to efficient operation and profitability.

Gary Cokins
Vladimir Goloviznin
Mar 24

That’s a great point, JP. Also, important is how the PA framework exercises the need to have an operational understanding of an organization, helping ensure its KPI’s are the right ones! 



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