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We've been a bit quiet on the discussion board of late, but the IG has not been inactive. A working group has been discussing how to flesh out some resources around the Revenue Management component of the PACE model.

I'd certainly be interested to bring any insights from the broader group to the working group and look forward to sharing output with the broader group as the efforts of the working group bear fruit.

With those in mind, if you've incorporated concepts from the IMA's SMA on Revenue Management in your management or cost accounting class, what how did you do so? What content related challenges might you see in integrating Revenue Management (none of us have enough class time and we're working on resources for you)? On the research front, what might be an accounting focused research question around revenue management that would interest you to explore?

Looking forward to the discussion.

We've added a few new members in recent weeks. Welcome! Good to have you!


Welcome to PACE's Academic Interest Group! this group focuse...
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