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Posted on behalf of JP and Susan:

The next meeting of PACE’s Academic Interest Group will be held on April 15, 2022 at 12:30 pm Eastern (New York) time. All are welcome to participate. The registration link for the meeting is available at

The group will focus on:

(1) Obtaining a more detailed understanding of the components of the PACE Framework and their articulation. Much work has been done in this direction already including IMA’s Statements on Management Accounting on Revenue Management and Profitability Analytics.

(2) Building a list of core concepts, items which might be used as a set of learning objectives for a course or set of courses at the university level, for each component of the PACE Model. The goal is to more clearly define each component and support the effort to identify gaps in traditional curricula as well as opportunities for future research within the academy.

We are looking forward to robust discourse which will produce a foundation on which we can build further.

Raef Lawson


Welcome to PACE's Academic Interest Group! this group focuse...
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