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Exciting news! PACE will be launching several new Interest Groups this month.

This Friday will be the formal launch of the Academic interest group via a Zoom Town Hall meeting. This should be an interesting and engaging session as we discuss the changing role of the management accountant, how profitability analytics helps management accountants serve as strategic business partners, and how we can work together to advance teaching and research in this field. The Town Hall event will be held this Friday 11:00 am - Noon (Eastern/New York time). Pre-registration is required and can be done here:

Additional, later this month (tentatively February 17th) we will be launching a Data Analytics interest group. This group should be of interest to data scientists, data analysts, and others interested in advancing the digital transformation of business. If this is of interest to you, join the group now on our website so you'll keep abreast of group activities.


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