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Join us on January 18th at 10am ET for a webinar to launch PACE's new Telecom Profitability Interest Group!

Mark Spracklen of CVA Solutions, will be leading PACE's Telecom Profitability Interest Group. In this session, he will be presenting his experiences as well as facilitating discussions.

In this first webinar, we will discuss:

The Advantages of using Profitability to help with Pricing

▶ By understanding why some customers are profitable and others are not, it is possible to better price tariffs and change customer behaviour.

▶ Generating more revenue and potentially reducing costs to increase profit.

Issues with Existing Models

🔷 Most models are a static, fixed historical view of the numbers, often over a year old.

🔷 Many Cost models have been built for regulatory needs and are often unsuitable for profitability.

Improving Existing Models

🔵 Adapting existing models can be quite straightforward

🔵 Adding a forecast future view of profitability is needed.

The objective should be to get profitability by customer. This can be used for:

✅ Dynamic segmentation to better target customers.

✅ AI, can then be used as a tool to aid analysts in the complexity of dealing with such large customer numbers.

To register for teh event, go to

Dec 26, 2023

Registration link can't be open.



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