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Articles and other resources addressing
best practices in profitability analytics, revenue management, and managerial costing.

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Additional Resources


Profitability Analytics

This article proposes a new perspective onFP&A that recognizes the importance of traditional accounting tasks while focusing on the developing areas of nonfinancial and financial data analytics and modeling that causally support building robust forward-looking scenarios and analyses.

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Principles of Healthy Managerial Costing

Summarizes the Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing, It discusses healthy promotion of management accounting’s most important role—supporting cost modeling for internal decision support.


Roles and Practices in Management Accouting: 2003-2012

Replicating a 2003 study, this 2012 study finds that management accounting practices haven’t changed much for the better since 2003.

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Don't Be Stuck in the Last Century!

Examines six areas in which decision makers are concerned about the work of management accountants. Includes quotes from users who are frustrated and disillusioned by the inability of accountants to provide them the insights and foresight to improve their organizations. Provides solutions to resolve the deficiencies.

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For Users of Managerial Cost Information

Managerial Costing supports decision makers tasked with optimally achieving their organization’s strategic objectives. Decision makers, at all levels of an organization, need to be provided managerial cost information that meets the requirements listed here.

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Is Your Company’s Accounting System Leading You to Failure?

There is a problem with the decision support information most organizations’ managerial costing systems provide to their managers that put the success of those organizations in jeopardy. Click here to find out more.