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First, looking forward to the webinar tomorrow 3/22. If you missed the first PACE AG Townhall, please do join us. Also, recruit peers and others who might be interested in participating.

Building on the prior prompt, our goal in this interest group is to identify gaps in research and curriculum (hopefully connecting academics interested in filling them) and to identify gaps in current curriculum (again hopefully filling them).

One criticism I've heard and largely agree with related to management accounting is that this side of accounting is something of a set of tools lacking true conceptual cohesion. How do you describe what a management accountant does? Can you actually find a management accountant position for a student (mostly I find practitioners fill some kind of "analyst" position)? Part of what I like about the PACE framework is the potential to improve this condition for our side of the discipline.

With all that in mind, I wanted to try to map major topics typically covered in management accounting to the PACE Framework. This is a high-level attempt. Please comment where you agree/disagree and what topics you would include that I do not:

I. Strategy Formulation

A. Market Strategy

B. Operational Strategy

i. Value Chain

C. Investment Strategy

II. Strategy Validation

A. Market Model

B. Operational Model

C. Investment Model

D. Revenue Model

E. Cost Model

i. Job Costing


iii. Process Costing

iv. Support Dept Costing/Reciprocal Cost Alloc

v. Joint Products & ByProducts

vi. Cost Estimation (regression; learning curve)

F. Financing Model

i. Capital Budgeting

III. Strategy Execution

A. Revenue Mgt

i. Pricing?

ii. Market Share/Size Analysis?

B. Operations Mgt

i. Strategy Map & BSC

ii. CVP

iii. Operational Budgeting

iv. Differential Analysis

v. Theory of Constraints

vi. Variance Analysis

vii. Cost of Quality

viii. Responsibility Centers

ix. Transfer Pricing

C. Resource & Investment Mgt.

Clearly incomplete, but a first-pass. What do the IG members see as missing? What would you like to see added that might not be in my list? What would you move?


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