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The current dominance of management accounting by financial accounting is increasingly being called into question.  Professional organizations, management accountants, accounting professors, and organization leaders are working to develop management accounting as a distinct profession.

As a result, the landscape for research in and teaching of management accounting is changing.  In terms of research activity, several research questions that have arisen. Examples include:

1.  How can revenue management be integrated into the management accounting curriculum so that practitioners are better prepared to support decision-making that enhances their organizations' profitability?

2. How would a company use the Managerial Costing Conceptual Framework?

3.  Why doesn’t the Framework include time as a concept (i.e., some can change in the short term and some in the long term)?

4.  Can the Framework be reconciled to a GAAP financial report?

5.  Should costing that complies with the Conceptual Framework replace the costing used for financial reporting?

6.  Can standards for costing be created based on the Conceptual Framework? 

With regard to teaching instructors often teach management accounting as a series of techniques, without an underlying structure.  Using the resources presented here, faculty can now teach managerial costing based on a Conceptual Framework containing principles built upon costing principles, and based upon principles-based cost modeling.

We encourage you to explore the resources available on this site to enrich your research and your classroom efforts.

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